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Through hole to SMD processor upgrade product development

PCB design and Prototyping

Rapid PCB Prototyping with our CNC mill and drill machine, all types of PCB’s with extremely fine traces, including RF and Microwave boards. Data is normally supplied in the form of a Gerber File, however we also offer PCB layout and design services where a circuit diagram and parts list or just a design specification is normally sufficient. On completion we can offer the additional services to populate and test the boards as required. We also source production PCB’s at very competitive prices, from our long standing suppliers in China. Our technical team work alongside our customers to turn your designs or samples into manufactured products.

PCB drills ready to use in size order

Customised Products & Bespoke Designs

Product customisation has become an important part of our business, if you require our standard product to do something different don’t hesitate to get in touch. Many products incorporate the latest in microprocessor technology allowing post production modifications.

All design is carried out in-house by our own engineers. Chat with us today.

smiling woman soldering circuit boards

Product Development

Product development is on-going, utilising proven technology in both new designs and refining existing lines to ensure continued reliability.

As we are an independent business, our profits are put back into the company. We have invested in new technologies and resources in building better products and a better business. The addition of a precision milling machine for circuit board drilling and isolation-routing enables rapid PCB prototyping. Investment in automated equipment, including wire cutting and crimping machines has expanded our engine harness and wiring loom business.

Prototype PCB milling fine tracks

Resin Encapsulation

The MeterMix PAR3 incorporates proven metering and mixing principles, providing a clean and cost efficient alternative to hand mixing. We offer a wide range of potting boxes or can manufacture to order. Our standard black, medium viscosity encapsulant is suitable for most commercial, industrial and military applications.

Quality control, technical support & repairs

Quality control and traceability are found throughout Capricorn Controls. Full technical support is assured both before, and after sales and our longstanding clients have come to appreciate the direct access to engineers with hands-on experience. In the unlikely case that a unit fails, repairs can be carried out on all of our products and controllers on short turn around, not limited to our own.

oscilloscope testing new product

Worldwide sales

Dispatching worldwide through an expanding distributor network, we have many satisfied customers in Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Far East, Australasia, South America, Canada and the USA.