BVF300P Battery Voltage Monitor – User Programmable

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The new BVF300P directly replaces the BVF300. It is user programmable and without the need for any specialist tools or expertise. Like the original, it is a general purpose DC Voltage Monitor with two voltage thresholds and a separate delay timer for each. The standard unit monitors its own supply voltage and is typically used to signal a Generating Set to run and charge its own or other batteries in Start-on-Demand and Welfare Cabin applications. Micro-processor control and non-volatile memory stores upto four sets of program data, allowing the BVF300P to be switched between 12V and 24Vdc operation in both Factory and User programs.

The BVF300P-48 stores Factory and User settings for a single operating range of 22V to 70Vdc; making it ideal for 30V, 36V, 48V and 60V DC Systems. For this version, the 12/24V selector switch has no function.

Special versions are also available where the monitored input is separated from the supply terminal. This allows monitoring up to 99.9Vdc with the supply from an external dc-dc converter or by tapping down the battery stack. A similar version, together with an external transducer can measure up to 600Vdc. Note: these high voltage units are mounted inside protective enclosures.


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