ASM720 Auto-Start-Module

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These modules provide automatic start-stop control from a remote contact and subject to the build variant, manual override. A wide range of engine monitoring and protection circuits are provided for diesel, petrol and gas powered systems.
Mode control variants include ASM720A Rotary Knob selects Off Auto  Manual ASM720K  Keyswitch selects Auto Off Manual ASM720N  (external mode-control) ASM720P  Push-buttons for manual stop, start and mode selection All of the above can sense engine speed from the main alternator frequency with switch selection for 50/60Hz operation. Via separate inputs, the A and P variants can also sense speed from a Magnetic Pick-up, Charge Alternator or tachometer.
With a correctly fitted panel gasket, the N and P variants also offer good weather protection to the front of the modules. The Hours Run counter is an optional extra. The ASM720 series incorporate proven microprocessor technology for maximum flexibility in standard as well as custom builds. Optically coupled inputs ensure excellent noise rejection and five protected driver outputs allow provision for contactor control in base-load and AMF solutions. User adjustment is provided via the rear accessed switches and potentiometers. This compact design includes an easy-fit locking sleeve and two-piece connectors.
Designed and manufactured in England by Capricorn Controls with customer-specific hardware and software available to order.


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