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The ODS-1500 & 3000 consists of single phase sine-wave 120Vac or 230Vac DC/AC inverter, the input and output signals are galvanic isolated. Capiable of supplying up to 1500W with the ODS-1500 and 3000W with the ODS-3000input voltages range from 2... [ Read More ]
The ODX-3000 is a three phase inverter 400Vac with a maxium power rating of 3000W  Functions:Select 50/60 Hz via DIP switchSelect local/remote (RS232) via DIP switchShutdown by applying 15 to 143V to pins 3&4 of J4 Motor control: Soft-sta... [ Read More ]
The SR-1000T series DC-AC inverters are designed to convert 24 and 48Vdc to a reliable AC power between 194Vac and 246Vac, all contained in a standard 1U 19 inch rack mounted unit. Also within is a powerful digital processor that allows the user easy... [ Read More ]
Although originally designed for genset applications, this real-time clock module has proven extremely popular over a wide range of industries. Rear accessed switch (S1) allows the internal battery to be switched in or out of circuit (if the module i... [ Read More ]