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BCS series Power Supplies / Chargers

12, 13, 24, 27 or 48VDC in 75, 100, 150 and 200 watt sizes Suitable for most types batteries including sealed Lead Acid types. These switched-mode power supplies incorporate power factor correction for improved efficiency while constant voltage and constant current limiting make them ideal as Power Supplies or for fully automatic and maintenance free chargers and their outputs can be connected in series & / or parallel to achieve other voltages and currents. Features include international AC supply range, high efficiency with low output voltage ripple making them ideal for many industries including industrial, communications, scientific, test and instrumentation. Note: when used as a battery charger, a suitably rated blocking diode must be fitted between the charger output and the battery. This protects the unit and permits connection of a relay to the charger output to provide a basic 'charge failure' alarm.